How to catch roach

How to catch roach? Roach is spread almost all flowing waters of grayling habitats to habitats bream, although they prefer warmer waters and gentle lowlands. Its requirements for environmental conditions in general are modest. Roach is looking for pools with slow current, and deep with hard bottom. Rests on the border between the flow and stagnant water, deep and shallow depressions in the bottom river channels. On warm summer days out on the shallow sections. In the flood, when water overflows its banks, flooded the place looks a little depth.

How to catch roach

How to catch a roach? Bite all year long, from early June until fall, but the hot summer months. In winter especially active large roach, which takes the bait around noon (good for fishing and moderate snowfall warming), the rest of the time – all day. When the thaw, accompanied by the melting of snow, roaches do not bite.

Roach – an omnivorous fish, so in summer it is easy to gorge if it can find enough food. During warmer months, use vegetable baits in winter – the animals (this applies to all bodies of water).

In the early and late in the season, including the winter months, the lure is manure worms, insect larvae, small leeches, as well as pieces of worms or white worms. In the middle of the season, before cooling and the associated reduction in water temperature – cooked pasta, bread and bakery products, potatoes, peas, cereals, rice, oatmeal, grits and steamed hemp seed.

The rivers are the best baits: fly larvae, ants eggs, slices of worms, bloodworms (mosquito larvae), house flies and other insects. Willingly takes roach and steamed wheat, oats, bread balls, white dough with the addition of red lead and anise oil.

The lakes are the best baits: the larvae of caddis flies, bloodworm, red bark and manure worms. Since mid-summer caught in a water greens growing on piles and rocks.

How to catch roach? Roach baits are usually fished without. But fishing with bait in the lake, and in particular in the river, always gives the best results. Bait of bran and oil cake falling asleep for two or three hours to catch, and even better in the evening, in places where fish are kept permanently. More successful fishing from a boat, which can be sampled in the morning all the good seats. Fishing from shore dobychliva in new places that have to wade sometimes over bumps, knee-deep in water and overcome other obstacles.

Roach caught on a floating lure with a float-established, are the lure at the bottom and depending on the situation directly above the bottom or in the lower third of the water layer.

On landed catch bait without a float in cases where the roach is kept away from the coast.

Lowering and lifting the bait without a float fished in overgrown areas or where there are many obstacles.

Roach lived groups, very timid, diffident, takes the bait carefully. It grows to 15-25 cm up to 250 grams in weight. Among other things, success in fishing for roach due to the preliminary measurement of the depth: depending on her set the float so that the lure touches the bottom or was directly over him in the gear it a little pull to lure his movement attracted the attention of fish.

How to catch roach? Special gear for catching this fish is not necessary, but should be available very shallow. A long thin rod (which would keep the bait and make a solid sweeps), the line diameter 0,15-8,20 mm, hooks like "Crystal» № 5-14 (with a short forearm), a small float-adjusted accurately, dry and wet flies , mormyshkas.

The line must always be tight, it will as soon as the float stirs, podsech fish. The seizure is often shown as if floating bait ran into an obstacle. When the desired location for a while there is no biting, change the depth. If it does not work – change the bait. In the case of repeated failures better go to another place.

Roach – a very popular fish among anglers, and thanks to its numerous, and because it can catch all the year round. Roach is found everywhere in large and small lakes and rivers with moderate current. Fishing in rivers roach begins after the recession of water.

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