Kuusamo lures

Kuusamo lures (Finland), one of the most famous and popular vibrating spinners of the world and it is in the arsenal of nearly every angler. Company Kuusamon Uistin Ltd was founded by two Finns, who were not only keen anglers, but also friends. They had many ideas and they implement them, doing jig that were unusually catchability. Soon their creations started to get spread among the other anglers. And then it was established this firm, which manufactures jig Kuusamo.

First, the company produced only a few well-known models Kuusamo lures. They are still produced and still very popular with anglers all over the world. These are spoon Kuusamo, as Professor, Rasanen, and several others. But the company has expanded, and since expanded and the production of fishing tackle, not only the spinners, but also other fishing equipment and accessories that are exported to dgens of countries around the world. And all this thanks to the quality of performance and exceptional catchability Kuusamo lures. Dgens of different, very resistant to as pike teeth and pitfalls of colors will impress not only anglers, but also fish. Dimensions spinners are also varied. Spinner Kuusamo equally well caught, as small perch and pike meter. Qualitative clockwork rings and hooks will help pinpoint the most acute, retain and deliver into the hands of the angler to the long-awaited trophy.


Kuusamo Professor

Dimensions Professor 00 (18 cm, 60 g), Professor 0 (13 cm, 44 g), Professor 1 (11,5 cm, 27 g), Professor 2 (9 cm, 18 g), Professor 3 (7.5 cm , 12 g), Professor 00 (5 cm, 6 g.). When sufficiently large spoon easily enough. Among the models are also present, and spoon, which is mounted on the contrary, models with bead and models are not coupled baits, which are designed for fishing in the heavily overgrown ponds. In any case, spoon a great game at all speeds posting, regardless of the point of attachment hook.


Kuusamo Rasanen

There are models of length 5cm (11gr.), 6,5 (9cm), 7 (7 g, 10 g, 20 g.) cm, 9 (28 g.) cm There is in this model is also the original form. Lippa-Rasanen 5 cm (13 g.) 7,5 cm (25 g)



Kuusamo UL-1

A small spoon 3cm (4.5 g.). Ideal for laytovoy tackles.


Kuusamo Lohi

There is heavy for spinning options, but there is light, trolling. 12 cm (11 g.) 9,5 cm (8 and 21 g.)

The company Kuusamo there are a few different models of spinners Kuusamo. This Latka 7 cm (14 g.) original Taimen Super 7,5 cm (17 g.) with fluctuating petal inside the body baits, Taimen 7,5 cm (18 g.), Ilona 5,5 cm (10 g.) , Hauki 8 cm (22gr.), Suomi 5,5 cm, (7 g.) 7cm (10 g.) 8cm (25 g.) 9cm (30 g.).

Catchability very well and spinners, who performed as carefully as spoons.

The original that looked strange, but nevertheless catchability also lures Kuusamo.

Gear for the winter – is a variety of vertical jig and balancers, which will not leave no one indifferent predator and provoke it to bite, even in winter.

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