Ryobi spinning reel

Ryobi spinning reel

Ryobi spinning reel – originally from Japan, and the quality of Japanese, respectively. Spinning rods and reels meet the highest international standards and are very popular among anglers.

Ryobi spinning reel APPLAUSE – one of the latest developments concern RYOBI. Smooth running and work with impeccable Japanese quality, ergonomically designed coil units make this one of the best offers on the market spinning reels. The coil is a high class at an affordable price.

Ryobi spinning reel EXCIA – series noninertial force coils the higher class. The metal case and all internal mechanism has high reliability. The mechanism of the coil with an endless screw allows you to pack a fishing line evenly and without the “humps” and “failures” that allows you to jump off without catching loops and the formation of “beard”.

Ryobi spinning reel ZAUBER. Next, a higher model than the Applause of the line reel Ryobi. The main novelty was the timing system of the worm stretches and basic gear set, design, greatly reduces bad knock that occurs when working under load coils.

Ryobi spinning reel ZESTER VX – a great model for advanced amateurs spinning fishing. Metal housing with five ball bearings ensures a smooth ride and good work coil. All-metal housing of increased reliability. The latest system of V-metal concept. Half-roll lesoukladyvatelya, prevents excesses. Cross-winding fishing line due to the presence of an infinite screw. High-precision digital front friction brake with four full turns from minimum to maximum load. Button folding handle system. Bearing instant antireversa. The possibility of left-and right work.

Ryobi spinning reel ZESTER MX, possessing all the virtues of the more expensive model ZESTER VX, allows fans to purchase an inexpensive model. Unlike the previous model has no bearing 5, and 3. Metal housing, spool with titanium nitride collar, roll with the system antiperekruchivaniya fishing line, the stopper mechanism of reverse at low price made this a very popular model.

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