Winter perch fishing

Winter perch fishing

Winter perch fishing starts with choosing a place for fishing. In the late fall perch gather in large flocks of the same age and goes away for the winter in deep space. During the winter he seldom changes his pit, but in the spring, with the onset of warm weather is coming to the banks closer to the grass or the mouth of the river, carrying in a fresh water lake. Parking perch can be found under the steep bank, especially in areas where trees and bushes sank. Okun holds also near the border of grasses and reeds, likes to go into the mouth of the rivers, where fish is going to fry.

For winter perch fishing to drill the hole. After final cleaning the surface of its hole throw snow or small pieces of ice. In the middle of the hole leaving a hole for the passage of spinners. Once the hole is punched, you can start fishing.

For a successful winter perch fishing should learn to "play" spinner, considering its quality, to give her water in such motion that would cause fearlessly grasp the predator.

The practice developed a number of ways of working with the spoon, which can be used for fishing from the ice.

Trolling after binding to the forest sink to the bottom to set the length of fishing line and attach it to rod in the right place. Then proceed to fishing;

Spoon dipped into the hole and not bringing it to the bottom a few inches, slowly raise to accelerate its upward movement. Perch catches for elusive prey pursuit and grasp it;

Spoon lowered to the bottom and then a short stroke rod throw up to 30-40 cm bent apex rod give spinner fall down, again and again twitch upward omitted. During the fall down the spoon does oscillate from side to side like a fish scurrying. If the bottom water layers of bites are not forthcoming, spoon "play" in the middle layers and above, where they can stick perches;

Minnow twitch rod short movements up and lowered down again to twitch. At the same spoon to quickly take off almost vertically upwards and falls down. If you weaken the wood, spoon, first made the move to the side, and then go down. Spoon lowered to the bottom and slowly lift up, too, at first slowly and then speed up its movement, causing the predator to prosecute;

Causes grip perch game triangular, straight or tapered spoon when it is carried out in the hole rod from side to side and alternate these movements with lowering or throwing up. Baubles, changing position, it rotates on the spot, shining faces, then goes up or down to the bottom.

Most often perch at the winter fishing lure enough when it comes to the side or at the time of lifting it up. If the bite occurs near the bottom, there is no need to raise the spoon high. Often observed in the grip of the perch when the spoon raised to mid-depth, falls rapidly to the bottom or goes away.

In the winter perch fishing in the deep places must closely monitor its bite. Often it is slightly noticeable in your hand. Okun short spurts lets you know that he grabbed spoon. Sometimes it blocks the movement of baits, it seems as if she got caught on some underwater object. Strike should be quick, but not too dramatically. Undercutting perch pulled vigorously on the ice and continue to hunt.

There are days when the perch does not want to spoon, despite all the tricks of the fisher. In such cases, the course allowed trolling with a nozzle. Hooked baits golden eye perch skewer or some bloodworms, and begins to take perch lures. If the perch bite has stopped, you should move to another place and cut a new hole.

Many fishermen are constantly dealing with winter perch fishing, the bait used to attract perch to the hole. The best bait is bloodworms, are used as cake, bran, steamed oats. Bait sink to the bottom. In various small bait fish scurry, and behind them come and perch.

In good weather, perch are caught throughout the day. Sometimes it takes a fine in the morning and ceases to be caught in the evening, and vice versa. Sometimes biting it suddenly stops, and after a while it starts to grab spoons again.

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